Building Source Code
In order to rebuild the source-code, .NET and C# knowledge is must! The FBCE project targets .NET Standard, and FBCE.Desktop targets .NET 5, so you need to install .NET 5 SDK on your machine.

Building using IDE

You can use Visual Studio 2019, JetBrains Ride. All you need to do is to open .sln file that is located inside source-code folder and build solution directly on the IDE.
The FBCE.Desktop project uses Avalonia to build cross-platform desktop app. You might want to install Avalonia extension to make development much easier.

Building using CLI

Navigate to source-code folder and execute bellow commands;
dotnet restore & dotnet build
The build files will be located inside bin folder.

Publishing FBCE.Desktop

Navigate to source-code → src → FBCE.Desktop folder and execute:
dotnet publish -c Release -r win-x86 -p:PublishSingleFile=true -p:PublishTrimmed=true --self-contained & dotnet publish -c Release -r win-x64 -p:PublishSingleFile=true -p:PublishTrimmed=true --self-contained & dotnet publish -c Release -r linux-x64 -p:PublishSingleFile=true -p:PublishTrimmed=true --self-contained & dotnet publish -c Release -r osx-x64 -p:PublishSingleFile=true -p:PublishTrimmed=true --self-contained
This command will publish single file, self-contained desktop application for Windows (x64 and x86), macOS (x64) and Linux (x64).