Using Desktop App

How to run on Windows?

Just execute .exe file that is located inside releases → win-(architecture) → FBCE.Desktop.exe folder.

How to run on Linux and macOS?

  • Open the terminal, navigate to releases → (desired OS) directory
  • Type and enter ./FBCE.Desktop

Facebook authentication

Authentication is required, this way you will be able to scrape comments in a non-public Facebook post. There are two methods to authenticate to Facebook account.
First, you can insert Facebook cookie header manually into the App. The cookie header can be retrieved easily in a browser dev-tools.
Or, you can just click Login button in the app. If you click the Login button, then you will need to input the full path (executable file) of chromium-based Browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Brave Browser.

Scraping Facebook comments

Just insert desired Facebook post URL, then press enter or click Add button. In order to see scraping logs, you will need to tick "Use Logger" checkbox in the settings page. Disabling "Use Logger" option will increase app performance.

Exporting Facebook comments

You can export scraped Facebook comments in a JSON or even Excel file. Select item you want to export, then click Export button in the bottom bar. In the Excel file, reply comments are marked with yellow color.

Application State

The application will automatically save its current state on each close. The state file is a JSON file (data.json). If you delete this file, the app will reset its states.